Pro Instagram Marketing Tips For Business Branding

You can post high-quality extremely professional product pictures or banners about your services on your Instagram.

But, is that enough?

This is the video era and people largely prefer to consume video content and when it is short, like for a few seconds, it probably is the best thing out there.

Be creative and come up with some great ideas to show your product in a video. Make a product teaser that gently pushes your followers to buy it, more like influence them. No sleazy sales pitch or overdo selling like advertisements.

Consider these videos as stories which is presenting your product or services. If you do it right without seeming too much pushy and sound cringy advertisement if you make these shorts really impressing and engaging, this going to give you tremendous results.

You can also put product picture teasers with some exciting offers in the caption. Putting straight away features won’t really work on people. You need to put something exciting and beneficial for them in those two initial lines in the caption, so they click on the call-to-action button in the ad.

Just put something like ‘70% off discount’ or ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ offers to gain their attention.

A lot of brands put up their product in a way that doesn’t seem to force people to buy at all. It is just their product in some situations luring the audience with an engaging caption. Sometimes, humor is utilized smartly to push the envelope but no hard selling.

You just have to tease them with the video or image where it attractively captures your product or services in a way that must be triggering to buy. just understand what people really think of having that product. This also can be the best post to put as sponsored ads.

Even if they do not exactly buy it or even click on it, it can create a lot of buzz and engagement on that particular post. If people find something cool, they tag their friends or family.

Collaborate With More Popular Influencer 

A more popular influencer here could be those public figures or celebrities on Instagram having a wider reach. These Instagram influencers already have a big and loyal audience.

People always tend to follow the people they admire. They try to imitate them, try to get what products and stuff they use, what they do, read, watch and much more.

As a brand, you can partner with an influencer with larger reach. You need to choose the partner from the industry which is relevant to your product or services.

For example, if you are a brand that sells mustache wax or grooming cosmetic care for men, you must choose a male influencer from the grooming and lifestyle industry.

He must have a great beard and ideal physique to present grooming products. If they can share your product with their audience in a post, it will reach a larger audience than yours. The best part, you can tap into a new set of audience which is highly into the beard or men grooming product.

Influencer marketing is the most powerful marketing form right now. People with a lot of followers and values are highly trustworthy by people. The audience, their followers or their fans will surely buy what that influencer recommends.

There you get a larger potential customer exposure. Also, there are long-term and short-term benefits with it. You will get a new audience with direct sales are the short term benefits. You are also creating here brand awareness which will give you a long-term benefit.



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