5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid In 2019

Facebook Marketing has become one of the most integral elements in the digital marketing strategy for 2019. Facebook offers you a platform where you can share your content, communicate and engage with your audience and offer your product or services to resolve their problems or make their life easier in some aspect.

It is a highly effective form of marketing because it personally approaches people on the social media platform. Ranging from small scale businesses to multinational companies have facebook marketing strategies to scale their brand and increase the engagement.

Having said its significance, a lot of people or businesses on Facebook marketing does huge mistakes very often. Luckily, you do not need to worry about that as here are those Facebook marketing mistakes you must avoid.

#1 Not Reflecting Your Personal Side Of Your Business On Facebook

This is the most common mistake for businesses on Facebook. You do understand that facebook is created for communication, it is made for connecting to the family and friends.

You need to bring a little of that approach to your business on Facebook as well. Remember even business on facebook is not a presentation meeting for clients or just a showreel of your works. It should be too much formal and restricted with technical terms and protocols.

You came on facebook for business, that’s right but more importantly, you came to connect with an audience, to build trust for your brand. It is a platform to interact with your customers.

So you better communicate with your audience as a person on Facebook rather than a company. You need to show some personal side of your business. Share the story of your business, your employees and talk to your customers quite often. Respond to the comments and try to be more engaging.

Host Facebook live sessions to talk about your services or products and also about your experiences. Try to provide value and context to your products rather than just a dry selling pitch.

#2 Not Bringing Variety In Content 

You must have been using Facebook or generating content for it for a while. You know the type of content or posts are usually out there. There are explainer videos, ad videos, humouristic videos, graphical content, content announcements, banners, textual posts, information infographics, and other varieties as well.

Facebook is drawing more than 15,000 content on the user’s news feed. Being not be able to try different approaches to the content can be a huge mistake. You need to develop a content strategy and develop new post types for the facebook page.

With the help of Insights, you can check which kind of content is truly resonating with your audience and understand why it is. You need to mix different styles of posts to create new ones. Try to be a bit surprising and develop new trends. It is difficult to take people’s attention towards you, so you need to do something new and make it a habit.

#3 Ignoring Video Promotion Marketing Methods 

Video marketing is today and the future. Statistics says that facebook videos have 8 billion viewership daily. You should not ignore the video promotion marketing methods on facebook.

It has one of the most powerful advertising potentials as it engages more people than text or image. You can even notice for the past few years, the number of facebook videos your news feed is increasing day by day.

It allows users to consume more content in less time. You can create more than 10% of engagement on your facebook advertising just by video.

#4 Not Creating Detailed Facebook Profile

Not creating a detailed Facebook Profile or leaving it incomplete seems not a big deal or just a small mistake but its really not. It’s huge in terms of reflecting how much serious or concern you are about your business. It shows incompetence and imparts a lack of trust in one way or another.

You should fill all the details like your business, websites, contact information, email, address, working hours and other details as well. Basically, try to fill all the information Facebook offers you to put out there. Leaving blanks or incomplete data about your brand shows an unprofessional attitude.

Also, your facebook page should visually be appealing to the audience. It should have vibrant and attention-grabbing images, cover and banners. If you are an e-commerce store, its best you put high-grade photos of your products. You need to create a presence that is impactful without leaving any stones unturned.

#5 Not Utilizing the Facebook Promotion 

A lot of people do not want to indulge in Facebook promotion or advertisements. There are plenty of reasons for it but any professional digital marketer can assure you it’s not worth it.

You need to understand whether you are a small scale business or a new startup where you might not have a big budget, still, Facebook promotion should be your priority. It takes patience and some trial and error to see the actual magic happening with Facebook promotion but all that is part of the planning.




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