6 Tools For Finding Trending Content

Are you a blogger or professional writer, looking for content ideas?

Having a really hard time finding trending content, topics or ideas to write on?. Well, here’s the solution.

These are the 17 online tools that allow you to find trending topics online. You can look for all the latest trending topics published in different areas or niches.


No doubt that Buzzsumo is one of the best tools you can find to look for the most popular content on different topics, niches, and keywords.

It shows you all the trending posts and content with details like views, social media shares, links, ranking and much more.

With a limited free plan, you can see the list to a limited range but still helps enough to get exciting content for your blog. You can find those content that is at their best to become viral content soon and leverage that for your blog.

2.Google Trends 

Just like Buzzsumo, Google Trends is highly effective in finding organic trends going on particular regions but it is completely free.

It also allows you to compare two and more keywords or topics alongside to see in the graphical representation that how popular these terms are comparatively. Google Trend is the best answer for ‘how to find trending topics‘.

You can explore more options like setting durations, geographical regions and more with Google Trends.


Reddit is called the “Front Page of the Internet” as it is the most intuitive, interactive and versatile platform to find the content which is most shared, engaged, asked, answered or discussed.

You can just subscribe to that subreddit as forums on a particular topic or niche and look for what’s going on the most on it. It constantly updates with all the content going on the web regarding it. It also profoundly shows in which topics people are interested in, surely a great way to understand user intent.


Feedly has become the best RSS feed aggregator after the demise of popular Google Reader in 2013. It provides you the content from different sources in particular of your choice or interest.

It allows you to find all the content on your favorite websites where they must have an RSS feed to get notified of them. It is the fastest and easiest way to keep tabs on the websites, content or niche you follow. You can subscribe so all the content you follow will reach to you.

More than that, it primarily helps in identifying the trending content on the web or even the potential of it.


SmartBrief is one of the finest content curation tools which collects, collates, creates and also sends you more than 200 newsletters in different or specific niches you want.

Their smart algorithm picks up 20-25 best articles per day where their editors cut it down to 10 to 15 to put it in a newsletter.

You can receive extraordinary content on a daily basis which isn’t just trending but also a great piece of a write-up to learn from. This also gives you an insight into what’s working for the readers in a specific niche.

You can subscribe to newsletters in any specific niche or topic, also check for popular stories and trending content as well.


6. Trendsmap 

You can watch the visual representation of all the trending topics on twitter showing on the map as geographical locations. That’s what Trendsmap provides you in their free version, however with limitations in the features. You can upgrade to their paid plans starting from $9 per month.

You can see what hashtags are trending in the which different regions of a country, city or region. It even shows you the words and users trending in the region apart from the hashtags. You can further analyze the keywords and create alerts along with finding all the trending content with that keyword, user or hashtag.



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