5 Tools To Help You Find Trending Content

One of the best challenges for any blogger or website owner is finding the content worth trending. To find the trending content, there are few tools that can help. Here are the best 5 tools which can let you find trending content. Such content can skyrocket your website traffic.


Well, Buzzfeed might not solve problems for everyone as the content they have is more like light, trending and more like scoops.  But the website ranks 294th position globally with over 200 million unique visitors monthly.

So you can trust it for finding all the exciting, trending and leading content on the web which is consumed by a lot of people. Specifically, if you are into such kind of viral content, then it is perfect to check the ‘trending’ icon at the top right corner of the Buzzfeed homepage.

You can also check the ” Top Posts this week” section of theirs and other “top posts” section as well. You can also determine the views and engagement on it.


Quora is more like a Q & A community where people answer each other questions out there. It is the best place to get your answers from as the users put their real effort, expertise and knowledge to the answers they write.

Now the best way to find your topics for blogs is to search for various topics on quora and the questions related to it. See what keywords bring you what kind of questions trending on the platform. You can learn also by the engagement on the question or answer.

These questions or topics will be highly reactive and important as people look for answers all the time. So these topics are surely trending and most searched on the web. You can even notice how quora answers show up in the first of the Google SERPs regarding the question search on the web.

3. ContentGems

ContentGems brings out all the popular and trending content of your interest or choice and gets saved into your account automatically. However, you won’t get much from its free version of the tool.

But the paid version of ContentGems lets you save multiple filters and other features along with it. You can either go for their business plan costing $99/mo or Agency as $199/mo. The tool is the cost for value for sure, especially if your priority is to find all the popular and trending content on the web very easily. You can also go for their individual plan allows you to use up to 3 filters in $9/mo.

4. Epic Beat

The epic beat is a platform with a lot of features for researching the latest trending topics and find engaging content.

There is a free version that allows you to also identify influencers. You can also set up alerts for the searches to get constant updates on trending topics and content. The paid plans in the Epic Beat starts at $39 per month.

There are content insights where you can find all kinds of popular content consumed around the world demographically in a particular niche. You can even know about the average reader’s engagement for a particular article and more.

5. Social Pilot

This tool is more like a social media marketing product quite similar to Hootsuite. It helps you to curate content from their very refined list of databases. You can share the content to your social media accounts as well.

You can check which trending or popular content is shared by which social media influencer and by how many times. You can look for the most shared content online and gives you a great exploration of the world of various content shared now and then.

Take it like you can just sneak in what your favorite or celebrity bloggers, authors, and writers are posting around. They have free and paid plans both where paid plans start from $30 per month.



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