4 Highly Affective Instgram Marketing Tips In 2019 ( It Actually Works!)

There are a lot of Instagram marketing strategies out there but not sure what really works. You often go with the wrong marketing strategy ending up not getting enough results. So here are some highly effective Instagram marketing tips which actually work.

#1  Use Instagram tools & Features to Maximize the results 

Just like in Facebook, Instagram provides you with certain features and tools to optimize your Instagram profile. It helps you to understand the mechanism better and further strategize accordingly.  

There are various options like the Insights which can help you in many ways in order to grow your audience. Insights give you a detailed breakdown of the followers and the details like their demographics, age, location, gender, most active hours and others.  It allows you to monitor how which and when users are reacting to it.

It can clarify what kind of audience here you are primarily getting. You can target more of them or even decide to go another way alongside.

The most important aspect it provides you the peak hours of Instagram or your posts. You better schedule your posts accordingly so more and more audience can reach to you.

With the number of impressions, you really understand what numbers of audience you have access to. If it is restricted all the time, you would know that it is time to expand or maybe to be versatile with the content. Or use more hashtags and even go for Instagram Ads if you want to.

These tools or features help you to tap into your users’ mind as well and see what is actually working. With the help of this, you can re-strategize every day or every week.

Also, you would eventually understand that you need more ways to engage or interact with the audience. Even before that, reaching out to the maximum and most importantly, the relevant audience is a challenge.

#2 Go For Instagram Ads 

If you are someone who is reluctant to use Instagram ads you need to understand the benefits here. Instagram ads get a commonplace in this social media platform. It means the sponsored posts are spread through the Instagram feed all over.

It is dedicated to showing the relevant audience, so more than reach or impressions, great benefit is ads shown to highly relevant audiences respective to the post.

But that’s not even the best part about it!

You can control the budget in the sponsored posts. It gives you an ad budget you can choose as a threshold for spending money on ads. You can even control that on a daily basis, cancel anytime and check the insights of it anytime.

This feature gives you the ability to reach out for your target audience where the level of engagement and lead generation becomes high.

Remember to put the best foot out when it comes to the sponsored ads. Use the content which is highly engaging, comprising your objective, primary product or key service or basically anything which you have the best.

Make it appealing to the larger audience. The content in the caption should highly be engaging, call-to-action and something beneficial to the audience.

These sponsored posts can bring you potential customers for your product/services or regular audience to your profile. Try to do experiments with the ads and see what’s working the best for you.

#3 Post Photos from User Submission

Posting photos from the users on the Instagram profile is something a lot of growing brands are doing. It is also a great way to create refreshing content all the time without doing any hard work.

With the right strategy, it works like a charm.

You already have an Instagram profile with an engaged audience, now you need to ask them to create content for you.

There are a lot of brands that are using user-generated content all the time. You must have seen them using hashtag #regram or #repost with tagging them in the image post.

It is quite like collaborating with the audience and also sharing their content on your platform. This gives them more exposure and following.

It is win-win for you and your audience where both are gaining profit from this collaboration.

#4 Use Instagram Stories More 

You might be using Instagram stories or might not and still be not really aware of its potential here.

Instagram stories can be utilized in different ways where the best way can be to put it in like a chronological way to weave a story. These posts work like a ‘slideshow’ format which binds people together throughout if the stories are interesting.

Instagram stories are exclusive as they online stay live for 24 hours, however, it can be saved any of the devices and used later. You can even create templates or some ideal Instagram stories which you can use all the time with some changes.

Instagram stories are exclusive and get easy attention as well. You see, it presents at the topmost of the Instagram profile which continuously jumps from one profile to another profile. Most of the people do this Instagram stories ‘binge-watching’ which allow these stories to be easily reachable.

There are a lot of graphics or templates you can use for Instagram stories to share awesome moments, behind-the-scenes, journals and a lot of stuff.

A lot of personal brands or public figures document their life on Instagram stories. They share continous updates, their opinions, experiences and some time, their feelings too.

You can use a lot of GIFs, fancy filters, large texts and stickers to communicating your stories in more visual ways. Whatever photo or video you add will be playing the same sequence.

You can add and must be free to put out as many stories you want. Do not hesitate to share things, put out great content and capture moments in the stories.



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