6 Highly-Affective SEO Tips For 2019

It is high time you should strategize how you lead this year as an online business. You need to up your game with more effective, trending and latest SEO strategy. It is necessary to keep your SEO strategy updated every year due to the fast-paced technological era demands constant change and adaptability to sustain in the competition. Here are these 6Highly-effective SEO Tips you should mark for 2019.

Getting Inside Mind of Your Audience & User Intention

The challenging has been lurking around for a long time where actually lies the secret of any successful business. That challenge is to get inside your user’s mind. You need to tap to their perspective on everything possible, so they can be profitable for your business and sustain for a long time. You need to know whether users prefer text or images or they may be more comfortable with videos and sometimes audio can be powerful too. So need to look for what they search for and how they search. Whether the search feeds are more in question format or phrases. Make things simplest for a user is what they really prefer, so you can start with that. Once you know their preferences, intentions, and motives, you can craft your SEO strategy serving it, hence most effective ever.

According to the experts, it has been seen how a website perfectly maintained and crafted their content and design, but if that has been done for a wrong audience, it is not going to work. So basically, if you intend to rank your website high, the key is to enhance the user journey towards his/her pursuit online. You will also be rewarded by Google along with a huge trail of the audience.
Today SEO experts are getting more focused on developing new keywords to catch the audience in a search that they lose their conviction on the quality of the content ending up the audience interest eventually. Tapping into the audience’s minds is certainly the best seo tips 2019 that you must apply.

Not Content, But ‘Quality Content’ Is the King

The algorithm of Google was updated in 2018 revealing that the search engine will be more focussed to analyze and evaluate the quality of content on a website. This is seriously going to affect the ranking of the websites. The websites which come as the provider of quality content and not just content will consider having the scope in the future. Those which provide exceptional content will be leading the website ranking around the world. So you better buckle up to get the best content on your niche, if you want to succeed.

You need a Mobile Optimized Website

Mobile optimized websites are the leading website on the web today, as simple as to put there. You must know that 50.2 percent of the internet users are on smartphones which again is increasing by a minimum 2 percent every year and even more. So you need to have more smart SEO strategy to lead your websites on mobile searches, even more than desktop web searches. The website interface, keywords, response time and overall placement of content are required to change within this strategy to make your website more available for the mobile audience. Mobile Indexing is the necessary step to include in this process where you need to customize your website experience for mobile users. You can use various tools such as webmaster tool which helps in that along with other content management systems like WordPress and more as well.

Improve E-A-T ( Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness)

According to Google quality rating guidelines, the term which is specified as E-A-T expanding to expertise, authority and trustworthiness is going to be key to effective SEO this year. You need to establish, improve and re-strategize these factors to stand out in the competitive space. Creating a website that offers a great level of expertise producing exceptional content, high and improved UI/UX responsive design and higher reliability will be great to lead in SEO strategy in forthcoming years. It is the technique of how Google understands the relationship between quality and context for a website to rank it. Target to hire experts in their fields to collaborate and become the core part of the team so can they produce the highest level of content and work on expertise level for your website.

Investment in Technical SEO

Websites are grown widely throughout the year with accepting the new technologies and trends adding to the web designing and SEO palette. Same goes for technical SEO where another level is required after on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Here some particular areas such as Speed, JavaScript, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and more like the technical aspect of website covered to optimize for better online presence. You need to invest in these new aspects of SEO which is said to technical because they are not particularly visual to traditional SEO strategy and relatively new concept.

Go For Voice Search

Voice Search Optimization is the future face of SEO. It may be not said out loud, but it is pretty much clear how essential it is to integrate the voice search optimization with your website. Voice searches are new trending thing, and it is just going to expand over the years, especially after various voice command AI devices such as Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, Siri and more. Such seo tips 2019 should be adapted by all upcoming start-ups in their SEO strategy.

People have changed their way of searching stuff online as they prefer to search with the voice assistant on their smartphones, tablets and even systems as well. So you need to focus on strategizing how you can make sure that with the right keywords ‘voice-searched’, your website will lead the search results. Right now, it might be easy to tap on that as not much traffic is hitting this trend right now. So it will be a great year to customize your SEO strategy according to voice search



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