How Trending Topics and Hashtags Shape Your Marketing Strategy

Hashtags are playing a major role in social media marketing strategy of various businesses across world. Hashtags which are used more no of times by different people within a specific time-frame becomes trending. Trending topics are those hashtags which are related to current events and happenings which a large group are talking about over social media. If businesses understand how these features of trending topics shape marketing strategy, they can achieve better results and consistent growth.

How Trending Topics and Hashtags Shape Your Marketing Strategy
How Trending Topics and Hashtags Shape Your Marketing Strategy

User Interests and trending topics

Facebook & Twitter shows you the most trending hashtags/topics of the day on their platform representing the current interest of people. It gives an insight of the interests those engage users on these social platforms. If a business advertises over social media considering these trending hashtags they can reach a wider audience. Business who does not wish to advertise can still gain results by tweeting/writing posts about the trending topics. Each social media represents organic results about the trending topics which helps user’s access good content. Businesses can take advantage of this habit of users. Moreover the use of hashtags on social media further influences the content algorithm to provide better content to users. Trending topics and hashtags are region-specific allowing local businesses to tap market and reach local communities.

New Marketing Opportunities using Hashtags

Hashtags becomes very popular on twitter which allowed users to filter their feeds based upon a searched topic of interest. This allowed the ability to connect with like-minded users over the social media and communicate with them. Hashtags make it simpler to find the recent news of current events creating a circle of related tweets discover-able to all. This provides a greater base for marketers and industries to showcase their products and services within these circles in order to drive sales.

Advantages of Trending Topics & Hashtags

Tweeting or writing posts related to trending topics including trending hashtags increases the visibility of your tweets/posts to a larger audience. This in turn helps you drive traffic to your website and improve your SERP (search engine results pages). Google’s latest updates include feeds containing hashtags in search results and highlights content which contain searched hashtags.

By making use of these trending topics and hashtags strategically you can gain better results and have a leading edge in your industry.



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