10 Excellent Tips How to Create Your Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags have become a part of our social lives. It’s an important tool in social media platforms. Hashtags began with twitter but later spread to other social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Hashtags enable one to search a particular topic, reach out to audience of choice and maximize engagement. The following tips will help you create a good hashtag strategy for your business.

10 Excellent Tips How to Create Your Hashtag Strategy
10 Excellent Tips How to Create Your Hashtag Strategy

Different Strategies for different Social Media Platform

Every social media is different from another, so it’s important to understand each social media and strategies your hashtag plan accordingly. Tweets with hashtags doubles your engagement at the same time using multiple hashtags on twitter can drop your engagement. Whereas on Instagram more hashtags can do wonders. So it’s important to make different strategies for different social medias.


Number of Hashtags

Reading a post with more no of hashtags is very annoying. Hence using only the required no of hashtags in relevance can make a post more readable like #MondayMotivation or #AmazingMonday. Though this strategy is subjected to Facebook & Twitter, more hashtags can easily increase engagement when it comes to Instagram.


Ask Questions with Specific Answers

Choose your hashtags to ask questions with fixed answers as asking open-ended questions can make answers more ambiguous which can lead to confusion. For example one can use the following hashtag to criticize certain theme #Remeber2007Crisis? Don’t do that.


Understand the Type of Hashtag Strategy to be used

Namely hashtag strategy can be classified into – brand specific, trending, content specific. Based upon the same you need to make use of specific tags matching your strategy type.


Understand your Audience

Before finalizing on your hashtags it’s important to understand your audience. If you know what your audience is taking about you can easily pickup your hashtags. A good example is to search about your business relevant hashtags and see what people are telling about it. For example you can use #bestsummerwear to target audience interested in it and taking more often regarding it.


Use Live Tweets

For building a larger audience base and gaining more followers you need to tweet regarding live events your customers are interested in. Use the event hashtag and one of your hashtag smartly to serve your purpose. One such example is #ShareaCoke which was a very successful hashtag campaign.


Simplify your hashtags

Make your hashtags simplified and remember to make it catchy and authentic. A shorter hashtag makes it easy to be used in an engagement and communicates well. For example #RonaldoAgain is easier to capture as compared to #RonaldoAndBarcelonaAreBackInAction


Make Engagement Easier.

People love to engage in topics of their interest. Make it easier for audience to join a discussion by keeping shorter hashtags, popular and simpler ones to draw people’s attention.


Perfect Timing

No one likes to tweet on outdated hashtags or events which have passed away. So make sure you choose hashtags related to recent and upcoming events.


Inspire & Motivate

Tweets like #DonateANotebook or #HappyToDonate inspire people to participate and share about the cause making it easier to get more engagement.



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