How to Use Hashtag Intelligence To Become A Market Leader

Hashtags plays an important role in today’s digital marketing world. Hashtags can often make or break your digital marketing campaigns. So it is very important to understand Hashtag intelligence to generate better leads. Hashtags are very often casually used on social media without any interest of any sort which often leads to wastage of time and energy. A proper understanding of hashtags can help you reach a larger audience in return generating better leads. Although hashtags first came on twitter, their use has widely spread across other social media platforms.

How to Use Hashtag Intelligence To Become A Market Leader
How to Use Hashtag Intelligence To Become A Market Leader

Hashtags are now part of our social media culture and is acting as a new way of intelligent communication. Having a proper understanding of hashtags can increase your company’s social media outreach. It can not only accelerate your company’s growth by increasing your sales through brand awareness, it can also help you connect with various prospects & influencers. Hashtags increase your social media marketing’s overall effectiveness.


Hashtags as an engagement driving tool

Making use of relevant hashtags can make your tweets and posts more discoverable by appearing in social media searches. Tweets with hashtags receive twice more traction and engagement as compared to those with no hashtags.


Consider Hashtags as Keywords

Before tweeting or posting make sure to do a little research on the most popular and relevant hashtags relating to your topic. Hashtagify provides a free hashtags encyclopaedia tool to help you in finding these hashtags. Once you have freeze your hashtag list you are good to go to speak to your target audience.

Hashtags as a lead list

Clicking on a particular hashtag specific to your brand and industry reveals a list of user’s tweeting or posting about it. This can become your lead list. You can follow them which can lead many of them to follow you back making them your followers who will get your direct news on their newsfeed.


Reverse Research Strategy

You can analyze hashtags used by your competitors using various free online tools to find out which ones worked for them. This will save your time in searching hashtags for you freshly and then trying each one of them. This way you have a list of successful hashtags and you can use it in your hashtag campaigns.


Market Your Events

Hashtags are a great way to market your upcoming events and happenings. This way you can reach your targeted audience more effectively and interested people might as well join your event or webinar.




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