The Philosophy Of A Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are the talk of the season and we all know in some or the other way that hashtags are beneficial for branding and marketing. But do we have any hashtag strategy to get maximum benefits from hashtags? A powerful hashtag strategy can help you get best results for you and your brand. You can consider hashtags as glue that holds the ideas and social conversations together.

Hashtags can be beneficial in many ways as below:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Real time interactions among people
  • Connect with people of similar interest
  • Good Quality User Generated Content
  • In tune with the latest trends & happenings
  • Run a social media campaign and promote it

Building a strong social media hashtag strategy

A typical hashtag strategy is always aimed to accomplish two tasks – reaching out to people by sharing content and monitoring social media trends. Having a unique hashtag can make a big difference to your hashtag strategy when competing with your rivals. Hashtags needs to represent your brand identity and have to be simple in order for people to understand. When people understand your idea behind the hashtag, they are more likely to engage and participate in your hashtag program. You can ask them to share their favourite moments with the hashtag in order to create hype and making your hashtag trend.

Hashtags can be smartly chosen to make a word or a phrase and it can be promoted by organizing a contest. Make use of your latest campaign name as your hashtag to create standardization across all social media. Promote your hashtags by compelling content so users can engage. Running a Q&A session or a contest can effectively increase your hashtags user engagement. You can use event hashtags pertaining to your latest events. Using a graphic with your tweets can be visually appealing. Using famous quotes in the tweets can also be beneficial as it motivates people to retweet your tweets. Make sure you use simple and easy to read & remember words in your hashtag. For example if you are into a book renting business you can use hashtags like #MyFavBooks, #Books2Read. A travel company can make use of hashtags like #Travel #SoloRide, #Wanderlust, #MustVisitPlaces, etc.

The placement of hashtags too plays a vital role. Ideally they are placed in the end of the tweet but sometimes it can be placed in the middle of the post matching a phrase or a word.

For eg:

That feeling when you overcome the odds to achieve your dream. #MondayMotivation

We have launched #skydiving for all #travel enthusiasts and are ready with a contest. Start tweeting with #SkyDivingWithTravkart



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