Your Hashtag and Your Brand Go Hand in Hand

Hashtags can be seen everywhere. But generally they are been used incorrectly most of the time. Businesses spend thousands of dollars on creating a brand, having a great website to showcase their products and services, good infrastructure and inbound marketing programs but when it comes to digital marketing and especially hashtag marketing they do it completely wrong most of the time. Too long hashtags, misspelled hashtags and irrelevant hashtags can sometimes go against your branding. It is very important to understand that your hashtags and your brands go hand in hand.

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Hashtag to Reflect Your Brand

It is important to understand that hashtags are your brand extension. If a hashtag goes viral it can drive loads of traffic and engagement towards your brand. A good example of this can be seen in Nike’s tweets where they use #JustDoIt hashtag after every picture they post which has created a trend of every other athlete to tweet with hashtag #JustDoIt


Framing Correct Hashtags

Hashtags can be really awful if not framed correctly. For e.g.: #susanalbumparty is very different than #SusanAlbumParty as in the prior one many wrong meanings like anal, bum can be draws resulting in embarrassment. So it’s important to frame your hashtags correctly.

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Know Your Audience

You should know your audience before selecting a hashtag. Do a little research about what people are talking about over social media by searching for a shortlisted hashtag which will reveal what people are talking about it. This will help you to filter unwanted hashtags before experimenting on it.


Trademark Your Hashtags

Often times we see a hashtag been invented by one company but been used by other too become successful. So it’s important you trademark your hashtags so no one steals them. A live example of the same can be seen in the Rio Olympics where they warned that only sponsored companies can use hashtags like #Rio2016, #Olympics or #TeamUSA. As they knew these hashtags will become trending as soon as the games start and in order to restrict other companies from taking its benefits they had used this approach.



Keep Experimenting

Often times a hashtag which you choose will fail even after too much of research and brain storming. But this should not stop you from changing to a new one. Many companies have changed their hashtags from time to time in order to find the ones which worked best for them.



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