How to Make the Power of the Hashtag Work for You

Hashtags are a great way to drive organic traffic to your content. Posts with hashtag have higher chances of engagement compared to the ones which do not have hashtags. Hashtags like #summer & #love are some of the most famous and popular hashtags over social media. It attracts a lot of people. Using hashtags specific to your brand along with frequently used hashtags increases your reach and engagement.

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There are various points to be considered while making a list of powerful hashtags. Beginning with a close research of the most popular brands/companies in your brand niche, you can find out a couple of hashtags. This will help you create a list of hashtags from which you can choose the ones which best suits you and your business. After the research part you can do the evaluation part where you can make use of these hashtags one by one to see which ones attract more traffic and engagement. This will help you freeze the best hashtags for your marketing campaign.

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The no of hashtags that can be used over the posts differs for different social media platforms. On Twitter since there is a limit of 140 characters, only few hashtags can be used. Over Facebook & Instagram you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags. Hashtags play an important role in building your brand identity and gaining followers. It’s important to use the most popular hashtags along with a list of your brand specific hashtags. As per postplanner ( the 25 most popular hashtags over the internet are:

#love, #instagood, #me, #tbt, #cute, #follow, #followme, #photooftheday, #happy, #tagforlikes, #beautiful, #girl, #like, #selfie, #picoftheday, #summer, #fun, #smile, #friends, #like4like, #instadaily, #fashion, #igers, #instalike, #food

Relevancy is the key to any successful hashtag, so its important you make use of the most relevant hashtag for your brand. Internet is a place where all sorts of irrelevant conversations exist. So make sure your brand speaks sense. It is important to use hashtags which are trending based upon some recent events and happenings. Tweeting or posting with trending hashtags increases your post/tweets reach to maximum users. Since people are already engaging in a trending article, they are most likely to engage in your post/tweet provided it’s relevant to the trending topic. Anything irrelevant to the trending topics will not empower users to participate in your posts. If you can understand how these trending hashtags shape your overall marketing strategy, you can achieve more success in your marketing campaigns.



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