The One Instagram Hashtag Strategy That Works for Anyone

Think of Instagram as a small town full of people. Your Insta profile is one of millions of house in the Instagram town. Many of your friends who are following you and know your address shall periodically visit your place once in a while but other than that no one shall visit it. The reason for this is there are hundreds and thousands of other common spaces in the town like apartments, bungalows, townhouse, villas, condos, dormitory etc and on Instagram these are hashtags. There are tons and tons of hashtags on Instagram specific to interest, mood, emotion, idea, etc. So in order to find the right group of people, you got to find the exact type of hashtag.

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In order to find the perfect hashtags, you got to have a right hashtag strategy. This will help you to find the right group of people you wish to target for your brand. These right people will help you achieve your business goals in the perfect manner. Below are few of the comprehensive steps to a better hashtag strategy that works for anyone.


Step 1 – Business Objective

Before choosing a hashtag you need to be clear about your business objective. As per Instagram for Business, “When developing content we recommend focusing on your business objective or goal rather than hashtags. Having a growth strategy that targets the right audience is essential to success on Instagram.” This helps us in understanding a great law of marketing, that to achieve success, it’s important to reach the right audience than more no of people who are not the relevant ones. So focus on your core business objectives.


Step 2 – The Right Customers

Deciding on your final list of hashtags can be simplified from understanding whom do you want to reach and what interests them. Since you understand your brand very well, you also understand in some way, what kind of people might be interested in your business and services? A careful analysis on your customers needs can help you list the right people.

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Step 3 – Hashtag Research & Evaluation

A good way of researching on hashtags is by becoming a normal user and researching for topics using hashtags on Instagram. Instagram quick suggests you a variety of hashtags when you start typing some alphabet in the top search bar. This helps you understand what’s been searched frequently and how much users are actively posting regarding the same. You can now use these predicted hashtags in your core hashtag list.


Step 4 – Right Use Of Hashtags

Since you now have a list of hashtags matching your brand idea, you should make use of it in the right way. Deploying the hashtags in the right way is very important. A total no of 30 hashtags can be used in a post. But many top brands do not see the usage of max no of hashtags. Many brands do not use hashtags still has the most engagement. But it’s important to use hashtags for brands which are less popular or fairly new.


Step 5 – Success Evaluation Of Hashtags

The final step is to keep evaluating your hashtag strategy on a continuous basis. As there is no proper way provided by Instagram for evaluating a hashtags engagement, it’s important that we evaluate it on our own level. This helps us to know which hashtags are working well and which ones need replacement.


By making use of all these important steps, we can build a strong hashtag strategy which can do wonders for our Instagram Marketing Campaign.



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