3 Key Hashtag Strategies: How to Market your Business & Content

If you are using Instagram or Twitter for digital marketing, you might be familiar with Hashtags. Hashtags are a great way of marketing over social media and reaching out to more people in your vicinity. But do you know how to really use them strategically to get maximum benefits out of it? Well, it’s not at all difficult to do that if you know these 3 key secrets to build an effective hashtag strategy.

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Everyone uses hashtags now-a-days. You might have comes across hashtags on nearly every social media platforms. Being a digital marketer you simply cannot ignore hashtags. You need to understand how these hashtags work and how they can help you in achieving your marketing goals. Hashtags can amplify your reach, help you in reaching out to targeted audience, and improve your SEO and much more. So let’s understand about the 3 key hashtag strategies.

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1) Hashtags Related To Brand and Campaign

Brand & Campaign hashtags are user defined which are specific to your brand and brand events. They are normally used to promote your brand and services. A brand hashtag can be anything from your company name like #Microsoft, #Apple, etc to your company tagline like #JustDoIt, #FlyEmirates, etc.

Campaign hashtags can be anything in particular to your company event or happenings. For example if you run a gocery store and want to offer sales on christmas you can use hashtags like #SalesAtGrowers, #ChristmasSales, etc.


2) Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags are those which have become very popular within a given amount of time. People often refer to it as “What’s trending now”. These hashtags are related to topics which are the most talked about ones in the recent times. Trending hashtags keep on changing continously? in real time. When you see a trending hashtag you can make maximum benefit from it by posting or tweeting something related to it. You can potentially get massive audience


3) Content Hashtags

Content hashtags are hashtags which you use in your posts. These hashtags are not branded. They are not used to define any business and marketing. Also they are not necessarily trending hashtags and popular hashtags, they are simply general hashtags related your post. The reason to use these hashtags is to improve your SEO in your posts.



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