Daily Hashtags: Meaning And Use

Daily Hashtags: Meaning And Use

Daily Hashtags are a big hit in today’s social media world. With daily hashtags we mean which are focused only for a particular day of the week like #MotivationalMondays or #TravelTuesday or #ThrowbackThursday. It makes a lot of sense to hashtag for daily events and to connect to the community of likeminded individuals. Businesses now-a-days take full advantage of this daily hashtag activity. Also it’s far easier for people to connect to their neighbourhood events and happenings through these daily hashtags. Not only it’s fun, it brings you closer to your favourite community.

Daily Hashtags: Meaning And Use
Daily Hashtags: Meaning And Use

If you run a business and want to increase your brand awareness or boost your engagement, daily hashtags are the best way to add fuel to your social media game. You can easily reach your potential community or customers using these daily hashtags. Following contains a list of all the popular daily hashtags which appear daily over various social media platforms:


Monday hashtags

#MotivationMonday, #MondayMotivation

These hashtags are related to motivational advice or inspirational stories. People post inspirational quotes, stories, health & fitness tips, etc under this hashtag. Businesses can reach out to their customers using this hashtag by sharing a motivational post followed by this hashtag.


Monday is the first day of the week and people return to their work after a weekend which makes them feel low. So they post under this hashtag with a humorous picture of some animal or people dragging themselves to work. Many businesses post something in relation to attract audiences.


Tuesday hashtags


We all love to travel. It rejuvenates our mind and relaxes us. #TravelTuesday is a common trend amounst people over social media to share travel related stuff like travel tip, vacation pictures, or travel wishlist. People in the travel industry can use this hashtag to attract audience by sharing a picture of a popular holiday destination or by arranging some contest, or offering discount on travel packages to engage people.

Wednesday hashtags


Being the mid day of the week, people try to stay motivated by sharing pictures of motivation, ideas about weekend plans, or anything positive or being grateful for. Sharing something relevant can increase your audience and engagement.

Thursday hashtags

#ThrowbackThursday, #TBT

A very popular hashtag on the social media where people post images related to old memories, nostalgia, historic event, etc. Businesses can post images of team events, or of a successful event of the past to showcase their line of business and spread brand awareness.

Friday hashtags

#FollowFriday, #FF

It’s a popular trend on twitter where people recommend people or accounts to follow which they admire. Make sure to give a reason to your followers to give your follow back recommendation to their contacts.

Saturday hashtags


It’s a popular meme trend which was originally started on 4Chan (http://www.4chan.org/). It has become popular among users where they post or tweet something funny accompanying a photo of their favourite feline friend.

Sunday hashtags


Sunday’s are fun days and what better way to celebrate it than by posting a selfie on social media. Businesses can share selfies of their employees or happy clients or arrange a contest to encourage people to share their happy selfies with the hashtag #SelfieSunday accompanied by your brand username or your brand specific hashtag to reach out to more people.



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