Why Hashtags matter for today's brands

Why Hashtags matter for today’s brands

The hashtag madness is continuously growing with no sign of stopping, from people sharing pictures of their favourite teams with team specific hashtags, mom sharing pictures of their children’s, brands sharing pictures of their products trying to connect with their audience. Now-a-days every photo shared on the social media is bearing a relevant hashtag. No post you will see is missing a requisite hashtag whether it’s a comment, response or an opinion.


Businesses around the world on a journey to understand and leverage this whole idea of social media dynamics are working hard to make use of hashtags to achieve maximum advantage for their brands. They are trying to understand by constant research by trying new and different hashtags to their posts and evaluating whether it’s creating any value to the post or is it helping them reach desired audiences. Various content marketing agencies working for businesses are focusing on hashtag marketing by strategically choosing hashtags specific to the organization’s tone & brand.


Why Hashtags matter for today's brands
Why Hashtags matter for today’s brands

Hashtags matter a lot for today’s brands in a variety of ways:

Creating brand awareness: Newly launched brands can make use of their name in hashtag along with popular hashtags and strategically chosen hashtags to gain recognition and spread brand awareness.

Targeting a specific audience: Companies now-a-days wants to target a specific group of people rather than targeting all. This way they can focus on the needs of a specific community. Focusing on one community helps in empowering their brands by learning more about their customer needs.

Hashtag Campaigns: After creating brand recognition and selecting the type of community you want to target, now you can create campaigns which includes marketing strategies, client interactions, etc. This was your brand engagement increases and it speaks directly to their target audience using generic hashtags.


But when it comes to social media marketing using hashtags, its always advisable to do a little research in the area. Make sure you use the most relevant hashtag for your brand as it will impact you in long run. Internet is a place where there are all sort of stuffs from irrelevant conversations on non associated hashtags to relevant conversations on associated hashtags. So better be a good fit. Do not make your hashtags having different meaning or double meaning. Make sure not to use hashtags for sarcasm or in place where actual sentences are required. Capitalize the first letter in each word used in the hashtag eg #NewYorkHealthAssociation, so it’s easily readable. The key to a successful hashtag campaign depends upon a solid research and accompanied content that adds value to target audience. So it’s very necessary to keep the above points in mind while considering your hashtag algorithm in order to have a successful brand presence.



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