Social Media marketing using tagpredict

Social Media Marketing using tagpredict

Social Media Marketing is a practice to promote your brand and your content on social media channels to increase awareness of brands, generate leads to your business and drive traffic to your business. Social media marketing is getting advanced in today’s era. Use of hashtags gave the social media marketing strategy a great pace in the biz world. It is not easy to use hashtag strategy for all social networks; it has its own rules. Hashtags increases visibility of one’s post on social media platforms. Having a hashtag enables brands to reach out to more people of similar interest. People can easily search a topic using hashtag searches. This makes brands to reach to their potential clients in a given geographical area. Many strategies can be built using hashtags to achieve specific organisational goals. Popular hashtags are the ones which are searched more frequently and are been used by many people. If some way we knew which hashtags can become popular we can make use of this to the best of our business advantages.

Social Media marketing using tagpredict
Social Media marketing using tagpredict

A new technology has emerged known as social trends prediction technology (tagpredict) to analyze social media trends. TagPredict is a social media trends tool. Using this tool properly can help in your online marketing efforts go easy. This tool gives you hashtag hints. It helps in predicting which tags shall become popular on a given occasion. When you post something you need to add some popular hashtags. This helps to:

  • Improve your SEO ranking
  • Improve post ranking
  • Reach new target audience

TagPredict is designed to save the time and improves social media marketing efforts. The features of TagPredict are:

  • It highlights hashtags on your screen while browsing.
  • View top global trends and the trends on the site your are browsing.
  • Gives you live analytic graphs as you move mouse pointer on hashtags.

A new version of TagPredict includes analytical graphs, settings option and analytics window. If you want most popular hashtags in your posts, you can make use of TagPredict.  Thus Tag predict can be very useful in Social Media Marketing.



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