How to improve your SEO with Hashtags

How to improve your SEO with Hashtags

Search Engine Optimization plays a very important role in today’s world. It is a process of gaining high quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Apart from this, SEO can be boosted using hashtags. Therefore we need to understand what are Hashtags?

Hash tag is a word or phrase preceded with hash sign (#). It is used within the message to identify a particular topic or topic of interest. For e.g. #hashtags, #Marketing, #SEO, and so on. When we add hashtag in the post, it is indexed by social network and searchable by users. Hashtags have become inherent part into our culture. Nowadays people use them in day to day conversations. Hashtags are now become a part of our social lives. People can easily find relevant topics by searching appropriate hashtags on social media.

How to improve your SEO with Hashtags
How to improve your SEO with Hashtags

Why Hashtag is more important in the marketing world?

Use of hashtags is accepted widely as it has become easier to link your content to various specific topics. Some of the tips to improve your SEO with the help of hashtags are:


  • Use hashtag to promote your brand.

Many of the top brands make use of hashtags and include them in their posts, advertisements, etc. Hashtags must be short so that you don’t have to worry about character limit. Short hashtags are remembered easily. Also it should be suitable for your brand. Share your content everywhere. This will automatically encourage your followers to use it and ultimately increase your SEO.


  • Make use of content hashtags.

These are used in social media posts. SEO of your social media can be improved by using content hashtags. They are used to identify the topic of your content. Make use of 3-4 hashtags otherwise your content will look messy. Place your content hashtags at the end of your post to avoid interruption in between.

Hence, if you implement these tactics in your SEO strategy, you will get more engagement in your posts thus indirectly increasing web traffic, as search engines SEO recognizes your hashtags. This way you can give a boost to your business by improving your SEO strategy by making efficient use of Hashtags.



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