Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy

Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy

Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy

In today’s social media world, the hashtag (#) is commonly used to find the most trending topics being shared. Any social media platform be it twitter, instagram or facebook, you can find a certain topic of interest by just typing in hashtag along with the topic of interest (e.g. #NewyorkCity) in the search bar. You will get numerous results matching that hashtag. We will explain you how hashtags can be used as a powerful marketing strategy for a business.

Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy
Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy

The Rise of Hashtags

Chris Messina, the former Google designer proposed the idea of using # for group topics in one of his tweets in the year 2007. The idea was initially rejected but later when a San Diego fire journalist began using hashtag #SanDiegoFire for updates; the hashtag ideology got picked up. Born on twitter, the hashtag idea spread across social media like facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Now it’s become a distinguishing factor across various topics over the social media.

Hashtags a powerful marketing tool for business

Hashtags are super powerful tools for any business. It can help in targeting a specific audience and improve brand awareness. Hashtags can help in improving the user engagement among people who share common interest. Irrespective of whether they follow you or not, you can still reach out to them using the hashtags.

So if you own a business where you sell watches and wants to create brand awareness about your watches in your area. You can simply tweet from your business handle using #RADOWatches #NewYork or post on facebook using the same hashtags in order to be searched easily over the social media. People searching either of these two hashtags will see your tweet/post and may become your potential customers.

Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy
Hashtags- A powerful marketing strategy

Though it seems pretty simple, there are a lot of dos and don’ts to follow in order to get benefit from hashtags.

Always use the # Symbol – Use the # sign along with the keywords with no spaces between the words and the # sign. Example: #CoolSummer #StarbucksCoffeeAtManhattan # 3StepInsurance, etc

Be unique – If your goal is to raise funds for a specific social cause or promote an upcoming event, make sure you use a unique hashtag which is never been used before and encourage people to use it in their relevant posts.

Avoid popular hashtags – Try not to use popular hashtags which do not directly relate to your posts, as it kills your credibility. E.g.: Using popular hashtags like #love #follow #followme in your business tweet.

Use relevant hashtags only – Tweeting with #DonaldTrump for a promotional tweet about your business service. There is no relevancy between them, so stick to what is relevant.

Don’t overdo hashtags – Using too many hashtags is an absolute no. Your tweet/post should be simple, easy to understand and should have only relevant 2-3 hashtags in it.

Hashtags thus can be very powerful if used properly. It can help your business gain followers which can turn into your potential customers. It can help you in spreading brand awareness to a global audience.



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