Proudly launching TagPredict 3.1!

We are proud to announce TagPredict 3.1 – a new and revised version of TagPredict – more powerful and much more efficient. The new version includes better analytic graphs, better options of settings, an improved analytics window and we also introduced two new crawlers: in china and in Singapore(in addition to our crawlers in the US, Europe, Australia and Israel)

TagPredict is designed to save time and help you focus on your Social Media Marketing (SMM) effort. It is also helping with Social Media Optimization (SMO). The basic features of TagPredict are:

– It highlights all hashtags on your screen, as you browse

– When you mouse over a hashtag, you get live analytic graphs of trends

– You can view the top global trends, and the trends on the site you are browsing

This is how it looks when you mouse over a highlighted hashtag, on Twitter:


Yet a major part of TagPredict is that it is working on *all* websites – not only on Twitter. This is how it looks on Facebook:


And it works even on the Google Search results:


The global trends window looks awesome – just click the extension button to get it:


The new “SETTINGS” tab allows you to choose the highlight color, view your rescue password and other options like choose to highlight @at-tags and E-mail addresses:


Please note that TagPredict 3.1 requires registration – either by Facebook or by choosing a username and password. Enjoy it!



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