Christmas Gifts, Internet Trends, SEO and Social Media Marketing (advanced)

Christmas is coming, and what would be the coming internet trends, and social media trends, for Christmas? The answer is very clear, it would be “Christmas Gift Ideas”!

But wait… how do we know that the highest ranking keywords, out of so many possible options and combinations, would be “Christmas Gift Ideas” and not, for example, or “Ideas for Christmas Gifts” or maybe “Santa Claus Gifts” or anything else… how can we be SO sure?

Well, let us run TagPredict and see what TagPredict is telling us. We click the TagPredict button is getting that #ChristmasGiftIdeas is a trending hashtag:


How can we check that TegPredict is right? Let us feed those keywords into Google Trends. We can see that indeed, “Christmas gift ideas” was trending in previous years, and that in this year it has the same expected trend behavior:


But wait… can we be sure that the other options are not more popular?! We compare them in Google trends and find out that actually, TagPredict was right! Christmas Gift Ideas is the most trending keyword. It means that we can be sure that this keywords will be the most popular ones in coming weeks!


Knowing which keywords will be popular on the internet, and in social media, is a very powerful tool for internet marketers, social media marketers and SEO people. Note that we just took the “Christmas Gifts Ideas” as an example, because it is an obvious trend. It is easy to check and compare “Christmas Gift Ideas” it on Google trends,  but… this is only because we knew in advance that it is going to be the trend! How could we tell what would be the trends in other times?! How could we tell which other trends are hyping, if we didn’t have tagpredict?! We actually wouldn’t be able to. We knew which keywords to check on Google trends only because we had TagPredict to tell us that those keywords are popular… note the differences between TagPredict and google, and other services:

  • Tagpredict is giving you the real trends of what people are using now, globally. Google trends is based on what people are searching for. Google trends is then maybe more useful for running Google Ads, but for SEO optimization, you would to use TagPredict as you would like to know what is trending in users’ usage, and not in users’ search
  • TagPredict is presenting what is trending over the whole internet, including social media, and not only on Google or on Search engines.
  • TagPredict is ranking hashtags, and those are back indexed by Google as well since Google is indexing Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. It means that if you use those hashtags on your website, and not only in your social media posts, you would enjoy a higher SEO ranking (conditional that you link between the social media posts, and your website). So all what you need to do is:
  • Find out which are the trending hashtags with TagPredict
  • Use those hashtags in your social media posts, AND on your website / landing pages
  • LINK between the hashtag used and your website / landing page. I.e. post both the hashtag AND your website URL on the same post.

The reason for that will be explained in details in our next blog post.



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