The power of a cross platform social media trends tool

TagPredict is a cross platform social media trends tool, which means that it is working not only on Twitter and Instagram, but practically on any other social media network and on any other website. We will now show what is the meaning of “cross platform” and how powerful itis. Lets take for example the Whitehouse website – would TagPredict’s social media trends work on the most important website in the world? We went on the Whitehouse website and searched for “hashtag”. We got several pages as a result, and as you can see below, the hashtag “#BlackHistoryMonth”. When you mouse over it, you can get the social trends for “#BlackHistoryMonth”, and see that it is mainly used on twitter, and… that it is not so popular at the moment.


How about Google search? Google is the most powerful web crawler, and is the most powerful search engine. Would the TagPredict hashtags crawler work on it? We got some interesting results when we went on Google and searched for “funny hashtags list”, one of them is “#CatsOfInstagram”. It may be funny (for some people) but TagPredict is showing that actually it is not so popular – with only 2% speed of growth. It is used on many websites though – our crawler shows that the Google result of Freemake is actually not the top ranked place where it is been used: it is currently mostly used in Twitter, Instagram, and Google


The social media trends supplied by TagPredict work well also on other search engines, for example, we searched for “funny hashtags list” on Bing. We got “#funny” as a funny search result, but TagPredict is actually showing that this hashtags was not so popular (at the time of the search)… you shouldn’t use it in your posts if you want to promote yourself in social media:


As a side test, we went on TagPredict Pro and searched for “funny”: the results are actually funny… #funny for itself is not such a good hashtag to use, but you should prefer hashtags like #foodlover,  #foodSecurity, #localFood and others:


Our next social media trends was on Amazon – would TagPredict work on this popular website? The results are showing that yes, it does. We search for “hashtag” on Amazon and got “#nerd” as a result. Mouse hovering it with TagPredict shows that #nerd is actually used on other sites like Google and Twitter, and that it is doing quite well.


Finally, we look at how TagPredict is operating on the main hashtags platforms: Twitter, and Instagram. On Twitter it would work on all hashtags, all pages, and even on the search box:


Browsing Instagram and mouse hovering “#awareness” shows that it is used on other sites as well and we can see the social media trend of it:


To summarize, TagPredict is a cross platform hashtags social media trends tool. Smartly using is as you post on social media can guarantee that you are on the right social media trend to boost your posts.



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