How TagPredict can help with social media marketing?

TagPredict is a social media trends tool. Being so, if you use it properly, it can help you in your online marketing efforts. When you post, you want add the most popular hashtags to your post. When you do so, you will:

  • Improve your post ranking (i.e. more people will see your posts)
  • Improve you SEO ranking
  • Reach new target audiences
  • Advertise to targeted audiences (with TagPredict Pro)

Lets see how it can be done. In this example we will maximize a Facebook post using TagPredict, but the same idea is applicable to any other social media website: Instagram, Twitter, Google+ etc.

So in our case study, you want to post an advertisement on Facebook, like in the following post:


Note that the yellow marker on the hashtags is a job of TagPredict.

You obviously want the most popular hashtags to be on your post, still to be relevant to the post. There are two ways to achieve that with TagPredict – with the TagPredict Extension, or with TagPredict PRO.

If you have a TagPredict PRO (or BIZ) License:

  • Goto and click “login” in the top right corner to login to your account.tagpredict_login_with_facebook
  • Click “Hashtag Search” in the orange menutagpredict_members_menu_click_hashtags_search
  • Search for words related to your post. In the above example, search for “blog”, “market”, “Startup” etc. In this example we search for “blog”. Note that the word “blog” itself is in the bottom of the list – i.e. it was NOT a good choice, but actually hashtags like #fashionblog , #bblogger and #travelblog are much better to use:search_for_blog_on_hashtags_search
  • Pickup the top hashtags in the list, and add them to your post.

If you use the free extension only:

It will be a bit harder, but you can still achieve better post rating with it. If you don’t have a TagPredict PRO license, simply mouse hover the hashtags, and check how popular they are:

Then, replace the hashtag with similar hashtags which may be more popular, until you reach the best ones.

You can also use the “TagPredict Button” to get the best trending hashtags on the website you are seeing now, in our case – Facebook:


Add those hashtags to your post to improve your post rating / exposures.

Important: Hashtags trends change all the time! You should check the trends for every post, most likely that you need to use different hashtags for each post!



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