TagPredict Biz – Overview

TagPredict Biz is the highest level of TagPredict, it allows the following features:

  • Unlimited search of hashtags data
  • Unlimited access to all hashtags analytics
  • Advertise in 10 hashtags, as you choose – free text + link
  • Unlimited access to accurate adverts analytics

How to login to TagPredict Biz

TagPredict Biz is embedded in the TagPredict website at http://www.TagPredict.com

Simply enter the website, and click the “Facebook Login” in the top right corner of the screen:


Facebook will ask you to approve TagPredict. Note that we only ask for your name and Email address – so we can identify your account. You do not need to provide any other details. Once you approved the TagPredict App, wait until you see the members’ thin orange menu:


Hashtags Search

Click the “Hashtag Search” on the members’ menu:


Now simply enter the word you want to search in the search box. Click enter to search. The search results will appear on the screen:


Hashtags Analytics

To view a hashtag’s full analytics, simply click the hashtag name in the search results link. You would then see a detailed graph of the hashtag growth, a list of all recent pages in which it appeared, the top domains, speed of propagation over the internet and other data:


Hashtags Adverts

To enter, click the “Ads Manager” link in the members menu:


To define an advert, type in which hashtag you want to advert to appear, and add your advert line. You can also add a URL link, if people click the link they will be redirected to that URL:



Adverts Analytics

Once an advert is running, you will see a “Analytics Available” link to the right. Click it to view the advert analytics data:


Note that it may take time until proper analytics is collected. Also note that TagPredict Adverts are presented only to TagPredict users.



  1. I was gifted with a TagPredict Biz License – how do I redeem the gift?

To redeem your gift license –

  • Follow the login process above – you must login with Facebook so we have your details to compare with the gift voucher
  • Click “my Account” and then “upgrade to TagPredict Pro”
  • Please allow 48 hours and your account would be upgraded automatically
  1. How do I know which account license do I have?

Login to your TagPredict Account and click “My Account”:


If you see two upgrade buttons: your level is base level of TagPredict:



If the “upgrade to pro” is turned off – it means you already have TagPredict Pro, like in the following case:



If both buttons are turned off, it means that you are at the top level of TagPredict Biz:





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