Why Hashtags are so important?

Hashtags are widely used over social media, while some people use them all the time, some people use them occasionally and the majority of people are hardly use it. So why hashtags are so important?

In the old times, domain names were a very important intellectual property – companies and organizations used them to advertise their “portals of information”. Over the years, society started to get flooded with over information, and people looked for ways to consolidate it. For example – one company may have 20 websites, and many Facebook posts. Now… how do you consolidate an IDEA, or a CONCEPT, when you have so many information hubs?

In the last 10 years, the problem became even worst, when social media started to be so popular.  Now it wasn’t only about the websites, but also about Facebook pages, and Twitter posts, and Instagram pictures, etc. So companies started to use #HASHTAGS.

When you create a #HASHTAG, you basically creating a content page that is consolidating all other posts which use that #HASHTAG on that same platform. Thus in one word, you can give an option for your idea to gather posts, comments, posts… in one place. For example, lets say that you want to promote #WorldPeace om Facebook – you would add that hashtags to all your World Peace posts, photos, videos… now – when Facebook users would click the #WorldPeace hashtag, they will see all those posts / photos / videos, including all other posts by other users, which posted that hashtag.

Enjoy it 🙂





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