Announcing TagPredict 1.3

We are extremely proud to announce the new TagPredict release 1.3, following feedback from our test group, we have added to the new version some new functionality and improved several things:

Download TagPredict From the Google Webstore (free)


    1. Get Hashtags statistics of current site
      When you click the TagPredict button you would now get two options – to see the hashtags trends on the site you are browsing now (that’s the default), and to see the global trends:


    1. More accurate graphs
      The TagPredict graphs are now more precise. We are till collecting data and testing, the more users we have it would be even more accurate.


    1. “loading” image when hashtags are loading
      When hashtags are loading, you will now see a “loading” image in the pop up screen.tagpredict_loading_hashtag


  1. Robust pop-up window
    The pop up window had some issues with sites other than Facebook and Twitter, it is now working fine with all websites. Please report us if you encounter any problems.Enjoy it!
    The team



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