Increase conversion from your Facebook page

A Facebook page is a very strong online marketing tool, if you are doing the right things.  Companies and network marketers are using it for basic marketing, but also to create traffic to your website. “conversion” is the ratio between number of exposures and the number of people that actually click the post and continue to your website, and is usually calculated per post. For example, lets say that you posted your company website with 10,000 likes on your Facebook page and 1,000 people were exposed to it. If 50 of them actually clicked the link and entered your site, your post rating is 10% and your conversion rate for that post is 0.5%.

Here is a list of tips how to increase your rating and conversion rates (i.e. how to get more people seeing your posts, and more people entering your website):

  1. Fill all the “about” details
    Make sure you fill all you company details and address, and especially your company website address, in the “settings / about” section. Facebook will note that this is your site when you post it, and their algorithm would increase its rating as it will resognize that the site is not a spam.
  2. Create a “contact us” button
    Create a contact us button and link it to your website. This will bring people to your site.


  3. Choose a page name that fits with your domain name
    If your company name is “Paul XYZ” then make sure you chooe a similar name for the page, and for the page URL. This will improve your search engine optimization and rating of links to your site when you post them in Facebook.
  4. Add a picture and cover photo
    This is basic, and must do.
  5. Add a photos album
    Photos have much greater rating in Facebook than texts. If you want to post a text, always accompany it with a photo.
  6. Keep good ratio of content vs links
    DO NOT post your link every day, and even if you post it once a week, make sure that there is genuine content between the posts that include links. Keep a ration of at least 1:10 between the links and genuine content.
  7. When you post your website, do it with a photo
    Start a post, put the link in the beginning (so users would click it) but also add a photo. Facebook likes it better, and users like it better.
  8. Ask for reviews
    Contact all your family and friends, and ask them to review your Facebook page. This will increase your reliability not only in the eyes of people, but also in the eyes of robots. Remember – most algorithm are sharper and fussier than people! Make sure they think you are alright!
  9. Ask others to link to you
    This is ABC of SEO and it works fine for improving conversion as well..
  10. Like other pages
    Seems not right? Well… others will like you too, and their fans will see that you liked them, and may like your page too.
  11. Link to competitors
    Yes! Link to sites of competitors. Remember: you want the Facebook algorithm to get you as kosher… so if you link to others, you are NOT a spammer -> your rating goes up -> your conversion goes up.
  12. Use hashtags
    Hashtags are a great tool to get into other’s posts, and also a great tool to be foned by search engines.
  13. Re-post your twitter / Instagram posts in your Facebook page
    and vice versa. You thus create circular traffic.
  14. Don’t post too often
    Look at what others do: if Microsoft, with million and million of fans, post only once a day, how often should you post with 10,000 fans? THINK before you post, and don’t post too often than every couple of days.
  15. Link back from your site to your Facebook page
    This is ABC of SEO.
  16. Ask others to link to your Facebook page
    Call your friends and family, and ask them to link not only to your website, but directly to your Facebook page. Think of Facebook like of a jealous boy/girl friend: Note that Facebook HATE outgoing traffic, and LOVE in-going traffic. The more traffic you bring to Facebook from your page, Facebook would love you more (and thus would increase your exposure).

good luck 🙂




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